Thermoelectric Property Study of N-Type PbTe




Garza, Rico Z.

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In this study, the thermoelectric power density of In-doped PbTe wafers were measured and compared to I-doped PbTe wafers. Both I-doped and In-doped PbTe ingots were grown using a modified vertical Bridgman technique. The crystals were grown in the n-type region of the phase diagram. The I-doped PbTe was doped in order to obtain an electron concentration of 3x10(19)cm(-3) and the In-doped PbTe was doped at 0.1 at.%. The I-doped PbTe possesses a thermoelectric power density of ~30 W/cm2 whereas the In-doped PbTe has a power density of ~15 W/cm2. Despite the In-doped PbTe having a potential almost two times that of the I-doped PbTe, I-doped PbTe possesses a higher initial ZT in the temperature range of 50-450°C along with a normalized power output of almost two times that of the indium doped samples. It is therefore concluded that the use of I-doped PbTe in thermoelectric devices would be greatly preferred over In-doped PbTe from a commercial standpoint.



Thermoelectrics, PbTe, PbTe


Garza, R. Z. (2014). Thermoelectric property study of N-type PbTe (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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