I Can't Use My Cell Phone?: Cell Phone Addiction, Restrictive Social Environments and Health of College Students




Stewart, Talli R.

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This study investigated group differences in levels of cell phone addiction, frequency of Internet use on the device, and restrictive classroom and employment settings against levels of anxiety and depression. Participants (n = 195) completed a demographic and environmental questionnaire, the Mobile Phone Addiction Scale (MPAS), as well as both the anxiety and depression subscales of the Mental Health Inventory (MHI). Results found levels of restrictive social environments and cell phone addiction influence the level of anxiety and depression experienced by individuals. No support was found for frequency of Internet use as an influencing factor for levels of anxiety or depression. However, significant group differences in Internet use groups on low, moderate or high cell phone addiction scores suggests high rates of Internet use on a cell phone is related to higher levels of cell phone addiction.



Cell phones, Addiction, Restrictive environments, Internet use, Anxiety, Depression


Stewart, T. R. (2013). I can't use my cell phone?: Cell phone addiction, restrictive social environments and health of college students (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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