Using Concept Maps to Integrate Hierarchical Geographical Concepts for Holistic Understanding




Chatterjea, Kalyani

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The Grosvenor Center for Geographic Education


Concept maps can be a powerful learning tool for an interdisciplinary subject like geography in which the integration of progressively developed concepts, the incorporation of field experiences and data, and the integration of location specific applications of learned concepts require a holistic understanding of otherwise potentially segregated geographic processes. Two university courses in Physical Geography were introduced to the use of CmapTools in an effort to integrate various classroom-based and field-based knowledge and develop a meaningful, holistic understanding of many related concepts. The goal of this strategy was to emphasize the much desired connectivity among the many facets of this interdisciplinary subject domain as well as to integrate knowledge disseminated at various levels of undergraduate training. The outcome indicates that learners, when provided with adequate exposure and environment, use the concept mapping tool effectively to integrate hierarchical geographic knowledge. Learners also found it a satisfying and useful learning experience.



geography, concept maps, CMap tools, conceptual learning, hierarchical knowledge organization, integrated knowledge


Chatterjea, K. (2010). Using concept maps to integrate hierarchical geographical concepts for holistic understanding. Research in Geographic Education, 12(1), pp. 21-40.


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