Effects of Acute Lateral Ankle Sprains on Postural Control of Bipedal Stance




Arai, Sho

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<b>Context:</b> Bilateral deficits of postural control during unipedal stance have been reported after an acute ankle sprain and CAI, but it is little evidence of postural control deficits on bipedal stance. <b>Objective:</b> To determine effects of acute lateral ankle sprain on postural control of the bipedal stance. <b>Design:</b> A case-control design. <b>Setting:</b> Laboratory. <b>Patients or Other Participants:</b> Ten patients with LAS (7 males and 3 females) and gender-matched 10 subjects without any history of ankle injuries participated in the study. <b>Intervention(s):</b> Postural control was assessed with Sensory Organization Test (SOT). Subjects were asked to perform 3trials on each of the 6 SOT condition and each trial was lasted for 20 s. <b>Main Outcome:</b> Equilibrium scores for each trial were calculated and utilized to quantify bipedal postural control with higher equilibrium score indicating better postural control. <b>Results:</b> The injured group had significant lower equilibrium scores when compared with the uninjured group on the stable surface with eyes open (U=78, p=.035; SOT Condition 1) and with eyes closed conditions (U=.81, p=.019; SOT Condition 2). No significant group differences were found in other 4 SOT conditions (p>.05). <b>Conclusions:</b> The findings indicate that an acute LAS may negatively affect the ability of postural control during quiet bipedal stance.



Acute lateral ankle sprain, Bipedal stance, Postural control


Arai, S. (2014). Effects of acute lateral ankle sprains on postural control of bipedal stance (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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