San Marcos Observing System Spring Lake Management Plan




Warren, Emily
Abbott, Michael
Hardy, Thomas B.
Sansom, Andrew
Coley, Ronald
Bonner, Timothy H.

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Protection and careful management of Spring Lake is key to minimizing any negative impacts to the unique hydrological, cultural, economic and biological resources found there. The major objectives for the development of the Spring Lake Management Plan are: 1. To manage the lake in such a way as to support and enhance the University's efforts in teaching, research/scholarship, and service; 2. To assure that the University fulfills its commitment to be a good steward of Spring Lake by carefully managing and maintaining the healthy ecosystems that exist in the lake; 3. To formalize the process by which decisions are made regarding access to and use of Spring Lake; 4. To emphasize the use of scientific data to support management decisions that are made; and 5. To provide guidelines regarding access and use of Spring Lake to individuals and organizations wanting to engage in teaching, research or service activities in the lake.



water quality, Spring Lake, conservation, archaeological research


Warren, E., Abbott, M., Hardy, T., Sansom, A., Coley, R., & Bonner, T. (2011). San Marcos observing system Spring Lake management plan (Report No. 2011-06). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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