Upgrade Texas State: The Need for an Inclusive Campus




Spivey, Lance

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The purpose of this thesis is to conduct a deep dive of Texas State University’s (TXST) San Marcos campus in terms of its ability to be inclusive to people of all abilities. By defining the differences of ADA compliance versus inclusive design and proving the need for inclusivity, a holistic analysis was completed. Walking campus and making measurements, taking photos of neglected or inaccessible “accessible pathways,” and comparing them to ADA and Inclusive standards. Data collection was followed by analysis of TXST’s fiscal budget and how construction-based decisions are made on campus. Once the results were gathered, a comparison was made between TXST and all nine R1 institutions in Texas in terms of inclusivity. All data were compiled to create a variety of success plans, which included short-term solutions such as budget reallocation and the implementation of a QR code system for students to report inaccessible/damaged parts of campus. Additionally, long-term plans were included in the creation of a Capital Campaign, donation pool, and a staff position at TXST to personally oversee all inclusive design progress going forward.



inclusion, accessibility


Spivey, L. (2023). Upgrade Texas State: The need for an inclusive campus. Honors College, Texas State University.


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