"Glengarriff Forest": An Interactive Creative Work




Collins, Courtlynn

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“Glengarriff Forest” is an original video game made with the text-based video game making software, Twine. The player-named protagonist, or the player character, must navigate the forest she is lost in to avoid being killed by the murderous cult that kidnapped her. During her escape, she meets a mysterious figure who claims he wants to help her. Regardless of accepting or refusing his help, the player character finds herself at the camp of the cult with a choice; to free herself and run or help the other kidnapped girls make their escape as well. Once out of the forest, the player character tells the local priest of the existence of the cult, only to discover that the entire town knows about this cult and does nothing about it. The player character wishes to, they can decide to help townspeople out from under the thumb of the cult to lessen the cult’s power. When the player character is about to confront the cult during the endgame stage, help from the rescued girls and liberated townspeople can be recruited in the final conflict. Hidden collectables scattered around the forest, cult campsites, and in the town will affect the outcome of the game. Should the player find enough of the hidden items, they unlock the ‘good’ ending of the game. If not, they complete the ‘bad’ ending.



video games, programming, interactive fiction, creative fiction, Honors College


Collins, C. (2019). "Glengarriff Forest": An interactive creative work (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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