From absolute spaces towards inclusive enviorments: A case of teacher leadership




Aguilar, Israel

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This study is a qualitative investigation of how one teacher’s equity orientation impacts her work in an urban high school in south Texas. Her experience including students, especially those who identify with differences, is represented as a critical case study. The primary purpose is to understand how one teacher moved towards a more inclusive environment so that teachers and school leaders will have an additional heuristic for transforming absolute space and so that students are provided with more equitable learning opportunities. An absolute space is a space that is restrictive, static, and not open to negotiation. In this space, one’s identity is determined through established discourse and roles. As such, these spaces privilege particular identities over others. The method of inquiry is a critical case study that includes ethnographic techniques such as interviews, archival research and field observations.



Sexual orientaiton, Immigration, Religion, Critical-case study, Queer theory, Teacher leadership


Aguilar, I. (2012). <i>From absolute spaces towards inclusive enviorments: A case of teacher leadership</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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