Attachment Style, Ethnic Identity and Health Behaviors




Dziedzic, Adam S.

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Recent research has explored many risk factors concerning poor health behaviors and outcomes in adolescent populations. Attachment style encompasses several variables which have been linked with mental/physical health and health behaviors: social relationship factors, emotional regulation and coping styles. The current study examines the relationship between a personality construct (attachment style), health promoting behaviors and health symptoms in a diverse collegiate sample through a survey design. Significant differences between secure and preoccupied styles were found with respect to health promoting behaviors. Individuals with a secure style reported significantly fewer health symptoms than those with a fearful or preoccupied style. No significant differences were found between attachment style endorsement and ethnic identity or between ethnic identity and health promoting behaviors. The present study builds on previous research by examining attachment endorsement and ethnic identity in Hispanics and seeks to discern a possible developmental link between post-adolescent attachment styles and health. Implications and future directions are discussed.



attachment behavior, health behavior, health, ethnicity, emotions, mind and body


Dziedzic, A. S. (2010). Attachment style, ethnic identity and health behaviors (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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