Embodied Learning as a tool for Meaning-Making: A Forum Theatre training




Anumudu, Chinedu

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Embodied learning, while beginning to gain attention in Adult education literature, is still the least discussed method of learning (Lawrence, 2012). There is still no clear cut understanding or concretizing of how the mind body and emotion contribute, and interact with in the adult learning process. The study aims to identify how the mind, body and emotions contribute to meaning-making, and seeks to make concrete the concept of embodied learning in the field of adult education, specifically, medical professional development. The study looked at the use of Forum Theatre to train physicians to work effectively in the unfamiliar settings they likely will encounter in global health. As an arts-based qualitative research, the study applies ethnodrama and dramaturgical analysis in its methodology. The results reveal that mind, body and emotion are intertwined in meaning-making, culture and social anxiety influence meaning-making, and embodied learning facilitates seeing something familiar as new or different in meaning-making. The study results identify a need to incorporate more embodied learning strategies into the field of Adult education.



Embodied learning, Meaning-making, Adult education, Forum theatre, Medical training, Professional development, Adult


Anumudu, C. (2017). <i>Embodied learning as a tool for meaning-making: A forum theatre training</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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