Cultivating Mathematical Affections: Developing a Productive Disposition through Engagement in Service-Learning




Wilkerson, Joshua B.

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This research explores the impact of service-learning on the affective outcomes of secondary mathematics curricula. This was a qualitative case study of high school students who recently completed a service-learning project in their mathematics course. Data was gathered from student interviews, reflection journals, and field observations. The framework for the analysis follows the definition of "productive disposition" offered by the National Research Council (2001). The major themes that emerge from the data indicate that through service-learning students see math as sensible, useful, and worthwhile. This supports the potential of service-learning as a pedagogical tool that can be utilized to develop a productive disposition in students; addressing at a practical level how the affective objectives of national policy documents can be achieved.



Service-learning, Affect, Productive disposition, Math education, Statistics education


Wilkerson, J. B. (2017). <i>Cultivating mathematical affections: Developing a productive disposition through engagement in service-learning</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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