The Burlap: The Design Document for the Video Game 'The Burlap'




Archield-Cupit, Hunter

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This thesis presents a design document for the original video game The Burlap. The game follows the fall of a recently retired police officer who tracks clues to find his missing niece, taken by a cult who call themselves “The Order of the Burlap.” In unlocking the secrets of the cult, he succumbs to his pride. The strategy adventure game is a dark exploration of the power of cults to shape human behavior and offers multiple endings to encourage replayability. The design document contains a summary of the story, profiles of the characters with illustrations for five key characters, full walkthroughs for two levels of the game, and descriptions of the art style and myths that fuel the game and its conception.



video games, creative, design, documents, Honors College


Archield-Cupit, H. (2018). The burlap: The design document for the video game 'The Burlap' (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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