Inclusion through Intercultural Approaches to Education: School and Community Programs for Refugee Integration




Pelton, Richard M.

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This study examined how educational leaders enact policies and practices to support the integration of refugee students. During periods of resettlement, refugee students faced systemic acculturation in schools as they adjust to social and cultural norms. Campus leaders established specific programs in collaboration with community partners to integrate refugee students into school communities. The research questions for this project were related to how school leaders promote sustained integration of refugee students. This research investigated innovative, campus-based programs with an intercultural approach to support refugee students. This research incorporated a multi-sited ethnography to develop a relational study of how school leaders support refugee integration. Campus leaders supported the integration of refugee students through equitable, culturally responsive practices. The inclusion of intercultural aspects in school-based programs promoted the integration of refugee students in both the school and greater community. The results of this research have implications in both school leadership and community development.



Refugee integration, Intercultural education, School improvement, School leadership, Qualitative methods, Multi-sited ethnography


Pelton, R. M. (2019). <i>Inclusion through intercultural approaches to education: School and community programs for refugee integration</i> (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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