Investigation of a Rapid Method of Analysis for the Determination of Selected Chlorinated Pesticides from Fish Tissue




Steinmetz, Gary Lynn

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Organochlorine Pesticides (OCPs) are environmentally significant compounds that can be concentrated in the tissue of fish. A major concern in the analytical methods used for monitoring is the speed of analysis. Current sample preparation methodology consumes considerable time and a large volume of solvents. A faster, more streamlined method of sample preparation is needed. This investigation addresses a method for reducing the time and volume of solvents used in sample preparation. Matrix solid phase dispersion (MSPD), a tissue disruption method developed in 1989, has been shown to work as a screening method for a broad range of analytes by veterinary toxicologists, but has not been widely applied as an analytical tool for environmental monitoring. Accelerated solvent extraction (ASE) has been approved for the preparation of soils to screen for OCPs but not pesticides in tissues. The combination of MSPD with ASE could lead to a sample preparation method that could supply rapid unattended sample preparation using a small volume of solvent. Samples were extracted by a classical method and these results compared with MSPD and MSPD with ASE. Solvent schemes along with temperature, pressure and time were varied to optimize recoveries using ASE. MSPD showed spike recoveries that were acceptable but recovered only some of the incurred residues quantitatively. In this study ASE along with MSPD was not sufficiently selective as an extraction method for direct injection without further cleanup.



chromatographic analysis, solvent extraction, extraction, pesticides, toxicology


Steinmetz, G. L. (2003). Investigation of a rapid method of analysis for the determination of selected chlorinated pesticides from fish tissue (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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