Baseline Survey and Checklist of the Birds of San Marcos Springs, Hays County, TX and Surrounding Vicinity




Reimer, Marsha May

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A baseline survey of bird species at the Aquarena Center, Southwest Texas State University (SWT), Hays County, Texas, was conducted from summer 1999 through spring 2001. From a total of 11,151 individual observations, 103 bird species were recorded in 320 point counts from eight stations. Species richness, relative abundance, and diversity of the bird species were calculated from the data for each study year. The most abundant bird species for year one and two was the American Coot (Fulica americana) (respectively RA = 0.1341, RA = 0.1421). The Brillouin index of diversity (H) was used to calculate the diversity for each year and season. Station #2, near a new wildlife-viewing boardwalk, in year one and two had the highest diversity (respectively H = 1.29, H = 1.37). The summer of year one had the highest diversity (H = 1.37), and the spring of year two had the highest diversity (H = 1.40). These data and previous data from many contributors were used to compile a bird checklist for the site. The purpose of this study was to provide baseline information that will be a useful tool for evaluating future habitat conservation efforts.



birds, habitat conservation, San Marcos Springs


Reimer, M. M. (2002). Baseline survey and checklist of the birds of San Marcos Springs, Hays County, TX and surrounding vicinity (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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