A Pedagogy of Hopes and Dreams: An Invitation to a Dynamic Critical Learning Process




Martinez, Eulogia

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The purpose of this study was to document and better understand the power of invitation using the Community Learning Exchange (CLE) theory of change and dynamic-critical pedagogies as an invitation into a space for learning, teaching, and development. In this qualitative study, I employed the method of critical ethnography and dynamic-critical pedagogies to engage the research participants in critical conversations. The invitation guided me and a research team of teachers, parents, and additional stakeholders in exploring what conditions establish and foster a campus climate that will facilitate effective partnerships among leaders, educators, students, and families. The invitation guided participants of the school community to imagine how they can co-construct a campus climate that encourages the creation of sustainable relationships with schools to provide 4-year-olds a meaningful educational experience. This type of research is significant to school leaders, educators, families, and a community because the methods employed are engaging and creates an invitational space to a dynamic learning process. The greatest impact of this research is using dynamic-critical pedagogies to study theory in action with the goal of painting the picture of a community to better understand its work from the inside out with the goal of influencing its practices of engagement and sustainability; the work highlights the dynamic-critical ontology of raising healthy children, their families, and systems as they become life-ready and life-long learners.



Community Learning Exchange (CLE), Platicas, ecologies of knowing, dynamic-critical pedagogies


Martinez, E. V. (2023). A pedagogy of hopes and dreams: An invitation to a dynamic critical learning process (Unpublished dissertation). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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