A Quest for the Perfect Logo: A Tale of Squirrels and Nuts




Shafiq, Zoha

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A graphic designer's role is to utilize visual elements in order to exemplify, portray, and shape an idea or experience. Designers encompass the ability to work within a set of rules and limitations, without breaking them. Limitations of visual communication vary from dimensions of a large billboard to the legal sizes of a postage stamp. Through experimentation with line, color, space, typography, images, and words, a final design is obtained. Visual elements are secondary and a technical skill in a creative process. Enduring designs are constructed through a concise and well-developed creative strategy. However, to carry out such strategy, discovering the actual problem is the first step. During my quest of producing an everlasting logo for Sched, I applied the scientific method to streamline, breakdown, and guide my creative process towards a successful solution.



logo, graphic, design, trademark, branding, creative, process, Honors College


Shafiq, Z. (2014). A quest for the perfect logo: A tale of squirrels and nuts (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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