A Rhetorical Analysis of Religious Messages Directed at Women

Scivally, Indigo
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The purpose of this thesis is to analyze and critique the rhetorical messages aimed at women found on the websites of popular Evangelical Christian organizations such as “Focus on the Family” and “Christianity Today,” which produce and publish Christian faith materials such as blogs, podcasts, books, teaching materials and more. These organizations are generations old, “Focus on the Family” being founded in 1977 (Focus on the Family, 2019), and “Christianity Today” in 1956 (Christianity Today, 2019), and are widely used amongst those in the Christian faith. “Christianity Today” claims to reach over 5 million Christians through its network every month (Christianity Today, 2019), and “Focus on the Family” boasts an audience of over 38 million people through their radio and online presence globally (Focus on the Family, 2019). Many of the messages within these organizations specifically target the female audience, and offer advice and solutions for Christian wives, mothers, working women, and young adults the like. The rhetorical ideological analysis of their websites serves to better understand the beliefs, attitudes, motives, and practices that they are attempting to spread. Coupled with the literature review, this thesis creates a picture of the harm these messages directed at women can cause to their self-image, self-esteem, and general well-being.
rhetoric, religion, gender, family, roles, Christian organizations, Honors College
Scivally, I. (2019). A rhetorical analysis of religious messages directed at women (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.