“They wouldn’t go to our School”: Unpacking the Racialization of Latinx Children through a Civil Rights Lesson in a New South Classroom




Straubhaar, Rolf
Vasquez, Marjory
Mellom, Paula J.
Portes, Pedro R.

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The purpose of this article, drawing on ethnographic data from several years of observation of Latinx children in schools throughout North Georgia, is to explore the racialization of Latinx EL children in a North Georgia classroom. Specifically, we explore the ways in which one teacher’s physical presence, as well as her language use (and the language use she facilitates and allows between students in her group), creates strong symbolic boundaries between White and Latinx students, boundaries which both White and Latinx students reinforce themselves.



racialization, qualitative research, Latino/a children and families, English language learners, elementary, ethnography, race


Straubhaar, R., Vasquez, M., Mellom, P. J., & Portes, P. (2019). “They wouldn’t go to our school”: Unpacking the racialization of Latinx children through a civil rights lesson in a New South classroom. Journal of Latinos and Education.


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