Effects of In Vitro Maturation and Fertilization of Cattle Ova on Rate of Twinning in Beef Cattle




Beck, David C.

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An experiment was conducted at Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, to examine the effects of using in vitro matured and fertilized embryos in embryo transfer to induce twinning and examine the influence of twinning on cow production and carcass characteristics between single and twin calves. Fifteen single parity cows were estrus synchronized using the synthetic hormone implant Synchromate-B and ten first-calf heifers were given a 5 ml injection of lutalyse. Ovaries were collected from slaughterhouse cows from which oocytes were aspirated, matured and fertilized in vitro and nonsurgically transferred to 25 recipients, with 5 (20 percent) calves born alive from five first-calf heifers. Birthweight, head circumference, perietal, shoulder width, metacarpal length and width, and body length were recorded from the calves within 24 hours of calving in order to determine differences between effects of the sire and sex of the calf. In no case did any of the pregnant first-calf heifers produce twins.



beef cattle, reproduction, breeding, fertilization in vitro, twins, hormones


Beck, D.C. (1994). Effects of in vitro maturation and fertilization of cattle ova on rate of twinning in beef cattle (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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