Recipe for Successful Collaborative Corequisites




Orlando, Mary
Hattaway, Karen

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


This paper describes a corequisite pairing of Integrated Reading and Writing (INRW) and Humanities (HUMA) 1301 taught at San Jacinto College North in Houston, Texas. The authors describe their planning process, which combined course learning outcomes with cognitive theory and best-practice resources for effective teaching. These complementary courses provided students with contextualized learning activities designed to develop critical thinking and communication skills as students focused on cultural history to understand how human communities create monster stories to identify their fears and characterize the heroic figures who come to their rescue. The article includes sample content units and student activities and provides strategic insight into a process of integrating best practices and cognitive psychology with class planning focused on required learning outcomes.



education, collaborative corequisites, integrated reading and writing, humanities


Orlando, M., & Hattaway, K. (2020). Recipe for successful collaborative corequisites. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 2(2), pp. 32-39.


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