The Heights of the Public School Pupils of San Marcos, Texas, Compared with those of the Burgess National Scale

Jowers, Milton
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It is the purpose of this study to compare the age-height distribution of San Marcos children to an accepted study of the age-height distribution for the children of the nation. To make such a comparative study between these heights and the heights for the child population of the United States it was necessary to find a suitable criteria. Although numerous studies dealing with the heights of children of all ages have been made, few of those may be used to determine the height of a child in comparison with the general average of children of that same age.
School children, San Marcos, Height, Jowers-Milton, Burgess National Scale
Jowers, M. (1940). <i>The heights of the public school pupils of San Marcos, Texas, compared with those of the Burgess National Scale</i> (Unpublished thesis). Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos, Texas.