Partially-fluorinated polyimides using aliphatic diamines




Sokolova, Alisa Yuriyivna

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Two series of polyimides were created in order to address several of the existing problems with gas permeation membranes used today. These issues include the lack of flexibility and inverse ratio that exists between selectivity and permeation. The approach taken in order to solving the flexibility issue involved the incorporation of flexible spacers. The ratio of selectivity to permeation issue was addressed by the incorporation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles. Two series of partially-fhiorinated polyimides made using aliphatic diamines as the flexible component and titaniumdioxide nanoparticles were synthesized. All of the reactions were performed via condensation polymerization. Thermal data suggest that the obtained films have thermal stability between 395 - 490 °C. Mechanical data suggest that the resulting films have a dramatic increase in flexibility, when compared to existing materials, displaying storage modulus values of 1640 - 2740 MPa. In addition, both series show above normal molecular weights with values of 11 - 260 KDa for most of the films. This lends support to the justification for the above average mechanical performances reported.



polyimides, titanium dioxide, polycondensation


Sokolova, A. Y. (2010). Partially-fluorinated polyimides using aliphatic diamines (Unpublished thesis). Texas State University-San Marcos, San Marcos, Texas.


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