What She Said: How Jane Addams Informs Public Administration




Shields, Patricia M.
Guy, Mary Ellen

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This BookTalk introduces the remarkable Jane Addams as a pioneer of public administration and so much more. It uses Jane Addams story to make the case that public administration should reimagine its past by incorporating more diverse voices and ideas. An inclusive future must be built on a reexamination of our past. Pat Shields’s Jane Addams: Progressive Pioneer of Peace, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Work and Public Administration demonstrates how the life and works of Jane Addams was lost and is being recovered in a variety of interrelated fields. Jane Addams was well established on the national stage as a noted author, public speaker, leader of the settlement movement and advocate for reforms touching the lives of immigrants, women and children when public administration was emerging as a self-aware field. Her experiences as the executive director of a large nonprofit, a garbage collector, community organizer, feminist pragmatist and democratic theorist give her a unique set of public administration credentials. This BookTalk examines her life and ideas showing their relevance for contemporary PA.



social work, social reform, pragmatism, Hull House, peace Movement, Addams, Jane, Public Administration, Political Science


Shields, P. M., & Guy, M. E. (2019). What she said: How Jane Addams informs public administration [Webinar]. In American Society for Public Administration BookTalk Series.


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