Supporting Reading Comprehension for English Learners At-Risk of Reading Difficulties in the Postsecondary Classroom




Cook, Michelle
Hughes, Elizabeth

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


For many English Learners (ELs), access to post-secondary education has been limited (Kanno, 2018; Kanno & Cromley, 2015; Kanno & Kangas, 2014). This inaccessibility is evident in admissions data for 2-year colleges and even more pronounced for 4-year colleges (Kanno & Kangas, 2014). Indeed, Kanno and Cromley (2015) noted the contradictory situation where the K–12 EL population has continued to increase; however, this growth has not translated to admissions into 4-year college programs. Additionally, colleges have not been transparent in terms of their reporting related to the overall success of ELs in their programs (Kanno & Cromley, 2015). Of particular concern to post- secondary educators is that lack of access has been attributed in part to deficits in reading proficiency (Kanno & Cromley, 2015).



English language learners, reading comprehension, reading support, English as a second language, ESL


Cook, M. J., & Hughes, E. M. (2022). Supporting reading comprehension for English learners at-risk of reading difficulties in the postsecondary classroom. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 5(1), pp. 44–49.


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