Research Seminar in Education: Affect of Classroom Pets on Students' Behavior




Melton, Stephanie
Flores, Annissa
Wilson, Alyssa
Mumu, Maisha Farzana

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Teachers have a lot that they are responsible for one of the biggest being students’ behavior. While this task may be on the top of the priority list for most teachers it does not come without its challenges. One of which is finding out which strategy works best. This current research study examines the attitudes of secondary students towards animals in the classroom. Students without class pets will be asked if they could anticipate how a class pet might affect them. Students with a class pet will be asked how the class pet affects them. Our research study plans to add to the current research by examining if classroom pets affect teachers’ efficacy in middle and high school. At the moment most of the research done on classroom pets is focused on Special Education classes instead of general education, therefore it’s hard to make a research-based decision on if a class pet is right for you. Additionally, most research is based on younger classrooms leaving the older grade levels in the dark. This research is here to help change that and provide researched based information gathered from our local area. This research hopes to add to the discussion about the efficacy of class pets in teachers’ instruction. Our research team aims to understand how teachers’ perceive classroom pets, their relatedness to student success and classroom environment, and their willingness or unwillingness to include a class pet in their own classroom. For this study, we will look at the affects classroom pets have on student behavior in different grade levels. Students go from a classroom that does not have a class pet to one that does have a classroom pet.



classroom pets, teaching, student behaviors, qualitative study, quantitative study


Flores, A., Melton, S., Wilson, A., & Mumu, M. F. (2023). Research seminar in education: Affect of classroom pets on students' behavior. Research Seminar in Education, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.


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