Student-Perceived Interferences to College and Mathematics Success




Acee, Taylor W.
Barry, William J.
Flaggs, Darolyn A.
Holschuh, Jodi P.
Daniels, S.
Schrauth, Michelle A.

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National Center for Developmental Education


Nationally, developmental mathematics courses have some of the highest failure and withdrawal rates of post-secondary courses. A wide range of factors may be contributing to students’ struggles in these courses. In order to help identify these factors, we asked students enrolled in develop-mental mathematics to identify factors interfering with their college success. Results suggested that students in these courses perceive a diverse set of academic and nonacademic interferences to their college success. Perceived nonacademic interferences related negatively with academic achievement and persistence. Our findings provide a holistic framework for conceptualizing additional academic and nonacademic support students might need.



developmental education, higher education, colleges, mathematics, academic achievements


Acee, T. W., Barry, W. J., Flaggs, D. A., Holschuh, J. P., Daniels, S., & Schrauth, M. (2017). Student-perceived interferences to college and mathematics success. Journal of Developmental Education, 40(2), pp. 2–9.


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