Staying on Course During the Pandemic Storm: Challenges and Opportunities




Childers, Essie

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


Figuratively speaking, I would like to compare higher education as the train, the mountain as COVID-19, and the little blue switch engine as CASP. Hold those thoughts for a moment. The landscape of higher education has changed dramatically amidst the pandemic. We, as a nation have experienced COVID-19 illnesses and deaths. There has been a rise in police brutality with conflict between people of color and the police. For example, consider the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Also, we see crises in the economy and public health sectors, continued segregation in housing and public education, loss of jobs, students moving out of dorms to switch to remote learning, and the list goes on and on. However, life continues to happen, and students must continue their education. It is no wonder our students need our help to navigate through this pandemic.



COVID-19, developmental education, higher education, student support


Childers, E. (2020). Staying on course during the pandemic storm: Challenges and opportunities. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 3(2), pp. 51-52.


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