"Feedback to the Future": Advancing Motivation and Emotional Perspectives in Feedback Research




Fong, Carlton J.
Schallert, Diane L.

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When a learner receives feedback, important motivational and emotional processes are triggered that control whether and how the learner re-engages in a learning activity and successfully adjusts in response to what the feedback suggests. We aim to highlight how motivation and emotion processes influence feedback effectiveness, and how our theoretical understanding of the feedback process depends on appreciating the affective precursors, concomitants, and consequences of feedback. To query the literature, interrogate theories of academic motivation and emotion, and identify central motivational and emotional factors associated with feedback, we use a five-question framework: What does the feedback mean to me? How do I feel about the feedback? Can I improve from the feedback? Do I want to improve from the feedback? Am I supported by others or by the context in dealing with feedback? A conceptual review of empirically grounded and theory-driven interpretations accompanies each question to inform practice and research.




Fong, C. J., & Schallert, D. L. (2023). "Feedback to the future": Advancing motivation and emotional perspectives in feedback research. Educational Psychologist, 58(3), pp. 146-161.


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