Digital Scholarship Ecosystems for Open Science


In the last 5 years, Texas State University Libraries has developed a robust digital scholarly research ecosystem to serve research faculty and graduate students and help them connect to larger global research communities. The system is especially suited to the needs of Open Science and all branches of data driven scienece and stem disciplines, comprising a robust suite of open-source software, including an online research data repository (Dataverse), an electronic thesis and dissertation management system (Vireo), a digital text/institutional repository (DSpace), online exhibit software (OMEKA), identity management system (ORCID), online journal software (OJS3) and digitization lab. This lightning talk overviews this ecosystem from Open Science and STEM perspectives, reviewing new opportunities that such systems afford for collaboration, communication and progress forward of a now global science community. The presentation will also provide pragmatic references and links to open source software, articles and presentations on how libraries, IT departments and science, public health and engineering based disciplines can enable their own researchers and drive forward their own open science programs through online digital scholarship ecosystem possibilities.



open science, data repositories, data discovery, content retrieval, FAIR Principles, digital research ecosystems, scholarly communication


Uzwyshyn, R. (2020). Digital Scholarship Ecosystems for Open Science. Presented at the Carnegie Mellon University Open Science Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA.


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