Pre-Service Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Knowledge: A Continuum of Views on Effective Technology Integration




Lee, Katherine S.
Smith, Shaunna
Bos, Beth

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Athabasca University Press


This article reports a heuristic case study that explored how components of Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK) manifested in the artifacts of post-Baccalaureate pre-service teachers. Self-reported perceptions of their technology integration competencies were high. End-of -semester presentations reflected three distinct views of technology integration: trendy, pragmatic, and pedagogical. The quality of TPK connections in lesson plans was mixed. Higher TPK scores were apparent in lesson plans associated with models of teaching with which they had the most familiarity as learners themselves. The appropriateness of their choice of technology to enhance student learning was related to the depth of their conceptual understanding of the pedagogy. This article concludes by echoing Shulman’s (1987) advice that teacher education courses and programs need to be structured in a way that explicitly address pedagogical reasoning.



technological pedagogical knowledge, pre-service teachers, pedagogy


Lee, K., S., Smith, S., & Bos, B. (2014). Pre-service teachers’ TPK: A continuum of views on effective technology integration. International Journal of E-Learning & Distance Education. 29(2), pp. 1-18.


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