Handbook of Gender and Public Administration: A BookTalk




Shields, Patricia M.
Elias, Nicole M.

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This BookTalk, sponsored by the American Society for Public Administration, provides a fresh focus on how gender and public administration influence and interact with each other. It introduces the Handbook on Gender and Public Administration edited by Patricia Shields and Nicole Elias. This innovative handbook brings together leading scholars to explore the emerging contexts of gender and public administration including gender equity, masculinity, intersectionality and beyond binary conceptions of gender. The 27 chapters provide an in-depth analysis of the history, theory and context of gender equity alongside the intersection of gender and traditional public administration topics such as budgeting, personnel, organizations, ethics, performance and representative democracy. Furthermore, it investigates gender dynamics in international, governmental, non-profit, policy and academic contexts, highlights the progress made, and identifies the ongoing challenges.



gender, public service


Shields, P. M., & Elias, N. (2022). Handbook of gender and public administration: A BookTalk. American Society for Public Administration BookTalk Webinar Series.


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