An Assessment of Four Key Strategic Planning Barriers and How to Mitigate or Reduce Them and Their Effects

Robertson, Alaric H.
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<i>Purpose:</i> The purpose of this research is to develop a practical ideal model for mitigating or reducing four key strategic planning barriers within agencies and organizations. <i>Methodology:</i> A preliminary model was developed based on the review of literature. A survey based on the preliminary model was sent to experts in the field to discover how the model can be improved into an ideal model. <i>Results:</i> According to scholars and current leaders in the field there are four common barriers. They are uncertainty, limited resources, lack of universal communication and low productivity or morale. However, there are key factors that can be taken to overcome those four strategic barriers. <i>Conclusion:</i> The ideal model shows that there should always be alternative scenarios in place to deal with future uncertainties. It is better to have them and not need them than to need them and be without. When a lack of resources becomes an issue, innovation and imagination should kick in. People should never let limited resources stop their movement. Progress is easier said than done, but it has always been the innovators and those willing to try something different that have become the leaders in their industry. Great innovation comes from involving everyone's input in the organization from the bottom to the top as well as the customers being served. However, to generate great innovation communication is a must, and universal or standardized communication is the key. Simple is often the best way to communicate.
strategic planing, barriers, obstacles, reduce, mitigate, management strategy, Public Administration
Robertson, A. H. (2011). <i>An assessment of four key strategic planning barriers and how to mitigate or reduce them and their effects</i>. Masters of Public Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.