Far-infrared Spectroscopic, Magnetotransport, and X-ray Study of Athermal Annealing in Neutron-transmutation-doped Silicon




Donnelly, David W.
Covington, Billy C.
Grun, J.
Hoffman, Carl A.
Meyer, J. R.
Manka, C. K.
Glembocki, O. J.
Qadri, S. B.
Skelton, E. F.

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American Institute of Physics


We present evidence that the energy introduced by a short laser pulse focused to high intensity on a small spot on the surface of neutron-transmutation-doped silicon electrically activates impurities far away from the focal spot. The activation of the impurities is measured by far-infrared spectroscopy of shallow donor levels and by magnetotransport characterization. Electrical activity is comparable to that obtained with conventional thermal annealing. X-ray rocking curve measurements show strain in the area of the focal spot, but none at large distances from the focal spot.



far-infrared, spectroscopy, magnetotransport, x-ray, athermal annealing, neutron-transmutation-doped, silicon, Physics


Donnelly, D. W., Covington, B. C., Grun, J., Hoffman, C. A., Meyer, J. R., Manka, C. K., Glembocki, O., Qadri, S. B., & Skelton, E. F. (1997). Far-infrared spectroscopic, magnetotransport, and x-ray study of athermal annealing in neutron-transmutation-doped silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, 71(5), pp. 680-682.


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