A Formative Evaluation of the Texas Teacher Licensure System




Cordova, Rudy

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The focus of this applied research project is on teacher licensure systems. Specifically, the purpose of this study is to describe the ideal characteristics of an effective teacher licensure system. Secondly, this paper assesses the teacher licensure system in Texas using the practical ideal categories established within the conceptual framework. Finally, by using this research design, recommendations for improving the Texas teacher licensure system are made. The research purpose is prescriptive. A case study methodology incorporating document analysis and focused interviews served to achieve the purpose of the research study. Texas state laws and State Board for Educator Certification rules are analyzed. In addition, focused interviews with university and agency personnel are used to corroborate the document analysis. The key findings in this study suggest that the Texas teacher licensure system needs vast improvement in the areas of pre-service education, the internship, the provisional licensing examination, the induction period, and the renewal process. Recommendations for improvement are made to the state legislature as well as the State Board for Educator Certification.


An Applied Research Project Submitted to the Department of Political Science, Southwest Texas State University, in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements for the Degree of Masters of Public Administration, Spring 2001.


Texas, teachers evaluation, licensure systems, Public Administration


Cordova, R. (2001). A formative evaluation of the Texas teacher licensure system. Masters of Public Administration, Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.


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