Effect of String Tension and Impcat Location on Ball Rebound Accuracy in Static Tennis Impacts




Knudson, Duane V.

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Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc.


The rebound accuracy of tennis impacts was studied by measuring the vertical angles of approach and rebound of tennis balls projected in a vertical plane at a clamped racket. Three identical oversized tennis rackets were strung with nylon at 200, 267, and 334 N of tension. Ten impacts were filmed at 200 Hz for each string tension with the ball impacting the strings centrally and 8 cm off-center. A two-way ANOVA revealed significant (p < .01) main effects for string tension, impact location, and the interaction of string tension and impact location. Treatment-Contrast Interactions demonstrated one significant (p < .01) difference: The decrease in rebound accuracy from a string tension of 200 to 334 N was significantly different for central versus off-center impacts.



tennis, rebound accuracy, string tension, Health and Human Performance


Knudson, D. (1993). Effect of string tension and impact location on ball rebound accuracy in static tennis impacts. Journal of Applied Biomechanics, 9(2), pp. 143-148.


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