He or She: Does Gender Affect Various Modes of Instructional Visual Design?




Saha, Sanju
Halder, Santoshi

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Texas State University, Center for Diversity and Gender Studies


Learning with onscreen visual instruction environment (i.e., multimedia learning, interactive learning etc) is a growing phenomenon and inevitably its effectiveness has been established by previous researcher with their many empirical findings. Though previous research emphasized gender as an important factor influencing information processing, however, astonishingly as yet factors of gender differentiation in multimedia learning has not been taken seriously. From this orientation this article may address one of the important question that whether gender effect different modes of presentation (Static vs Animation). To unveil the question regarding gender effect, in this article various mode of instructional multimedia has been taken into consideration dexterously.. To investigate gender differentiation on different mode of visual presentation researchers have developed two different types of instructional module (Static and Animation). Total 120 students (60 male and 60 female) have been selected to implement the study with different matching criteria. MANOVA is conducted to find out the group difference in different condition. Result showed a momentous significant interaction effect between gender and different mode of presentation (Static vs Animation) showing superiority of females in static visual presentation as compared to the males. Besides, in animated presentation male students performed better than females in achievement of factual, conceptual and rules and principle knowledge domain. However, the main effect of gender was insignificant. This research result was discussed from various theoretical focal points.



gender, multimedia instruction, cognitive load, instructional visualization


Saha, S., & Halder, S. (2016). He or She: Does gender affect various modes of instructional visual design?. <i>Journal of Research on Women and Gender, 7</i>(1), pp. 47-58.


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