Technology Considerations and Opportunities in Higher Education




Anthony, Wes
Levine-Brown, Patti
Fynn, Nicole
Gadzekpo, Philip
Spinks, Michael

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Texas State University, The Education Institute


Technology has transformed teaching and learning by providing access to education that transcends the boundaries of race, gender inequity, costs, and physical constraints. The importance of providing professionals in higher education with a compilation of evidence-based findings, focused on the use of promising practices in technology and what is needed to create a learning environment that will meet the educational needs of students, is even more significant now in light of a worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. Based on the increased need for expanded knowledge on such practices, the authors have examined the importance of technology usage in developmental and transitional education courses; however, discussion is included on technology use in higher education courses, the transition from traditional seated courses to fully online delivery, the use of social media in the classroom, and the inclusion of cell phone technology in learning.



higher education, technology, learning technology, COVID-19


Anthony, W., Levine-Brown, P., Fynn, N., Gadzekpo, P., & Spinks, M. (2020). Technology considerations and opportunities in higher education. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 3(1), pp. 31-42.


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