Identifying Leisure Constraints Associated with Acculturation Among Older Korean Immigrants




Kim, Junhyoung
Suh, Young Ik
Kim, Jaehyun

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Purpose: Little research exists on understanding the interference factors that affect leisure engagement among older East Asian immigrants. Using the leisure constraint theory, this study was designed to identify leisure constraints associated with acculturation among older Korean immigrants. Method: using semi-structured, in-depth interviews, a total of 18 individuals participated in this study. Results: Three major themes were identified as leisure constraints related to acculturation: (a) adaptation challenges, (b) cultural norms, and (c) a lack of leisure opportunities. These identified themes served as inhibitors of the participants' leisure involvement. Conclusion: The findings suggested that acculturation-related experiences contributed to leisure constraints. Practical suggestions and implications are discussed in this study.



older Korean immigrants, leisure constraint, acculturation


Kim, J., Suh, Y. I., & Kim, J. (2019). Identifying leisure constraints associated with acculturation among older Korean immigrants. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being, 14(1).


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