Engaging Aspiring Educational Leaders in Self-reflection Regarding Race and Privilege




Martinez, Melissa A.

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Self-reflection is a vital tool that can be used in the preparation of aspiring school leaders to ensure they can equitably serve the increasingly racially, culturally, linguistically and economically diverse students in schools. When coupled with social justice pedagogy, reflection can also serve as a means of gauging student resistance, growth, and understanding of issues of race and privilege. In this study, written self-reflections from educational leadership students exposed to social justice pedagogy were examined revealing varying degrees of resistance in the form of intense emotions, distancing, and opposition for some, and changes in mindset for others. Students also began interrogating their own assumptions, practices, and the equity-oriented theories presented. Findings reiterate the utility and need for social justice pedagogy that includes self-reflection in the preparation and continued professional development of educational leaders.



social justice, educational leadership, self-reflection, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology


Martinez, M. A. (2015). Engaging aspiring educational leaders in self-reflection regarding race and privilege. Reflective Practice, 16(6), pp. 765–776.


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