Creative Content Attribution in Digital Publishing




Spies Smith, Tara
Van Diest, Kristin

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Do you frequently use images or other forms of creative content in your publications and presentations? Are you uncertain about whether or not you are giving proper attribution? Are you wondering if you need to get permission to use an image or video in your digital publications and presentations? Does all of this sound very mysterious to you? In this workshop we will discuss the open access publishing platforms you might frequently encounter at Texas State, as well as finding and using creative content, the basics of copyright and open licenses, public domain, fair use, and the ethics of attribution. We will also discuss what metadata is and how it can be used to give attribution to your own work and the work you are using. Finally, we will show you how to determine which Creative Commons license may be right for your work, and offer some resources for you to bookmark and return to in your research and creative endeavors.



creative commons, licenses, publishing


Spies Smith, T., & Van Diest, K. (2023). Creative content attribution in digital publishing. Texas State University Libraries, San Marcos, Texas.


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