Assessing the Texas Data Repository: Determining What to Measure and How




Chan-Park, Christina
Dabrowski, Anna J.
Lindsey, Nerissa
Waugh, Laura
McElfresh, Laura Kane

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Background: The Texas Data Repository (TDR) was launched in Spring 2017. The TDR is built on the Dataverse software platform and hosted by the Texas Digital Library (TDL)—a consortium of higher education institutions in Texas. Currently, 11 institutions participate in the TDR, and liaisons from these institutions serve on a TDR Steering Committee to provide feedback and guide the direction of the repository service. The Assessment Working Group (AWG) is a sub-group of the Steering Committee and is tasked with evaluating progress of the TDR. Purpose: In Fall 2017, the AWG began an assessment to identify the needs for reporting on the TDR by addressing the following research questions: 1. Which usage and descriptive information about the TDR will be most valuable? 2. What process for gathering and distributing these metrics/information will be most useful? Approach: The first step in determining the most valuable usage metrics was distributing a survey to all TDR institutional liaisons. The survey was vital in identifying the widely varying resources and needs of the participating institutions as well as the information the liaisons were interested in seeing both institutionally and consortially.



Texas Data Repository, reporting, metrics, surveys, assessments


Chan-Park, C., Dabrowski, A. J., Lindsey, N., Waugh, L., McElfresh, L. (2018, December). Assessing the Texas Data Repository: Determining what to measure and how. Poster presented at the Library Assessment Conference, Houston, TX.


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