First-Year Seminars: A Comparison of Course Characteristics and High Impact Practices at Two-Year Colleges

Lane, Forrest C.
Miller, Andrew P.
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Texas State University, The Education Institute
Contemporary literature underscores the salience of First-Year seminars (FYS) in supporting the success of college students. The problem is that the research outlining the characteristics of FYS at two-year colleges is sparse, particularly when certain populations are required to enroll in these courses. There is little information about how these seminars vary to meet the needs of certain students. This study examined the characteristics of FYS at two-year institutions where academically underprepared students were required to enroll in a first-year seminar. The results and implications for practice are discussed in this study.
education, two-year colleges, first-year seminars, teaching
Lane, F. C., & Miller, A. P. (2019). First-year seminars: A comparison of course characteristics and high impact practices at two-year colleges. Journal of College Academic Support Programs, 2(1), pp. 25-34.