A Catalyst of Change: A Graduate Student’s Perspectives on Transformational Teaching.




Le, Ni-La
Martinez Hinestroza, Jose
Kraus, Erika
Hassan, Azad
Plough, India

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Forum of International Research in Education


This article interprets teachers as change agents in light of the Transformational Teaching (TT) framework (Slavich & Zimbardo, 2012). Contributing to the understanding of teachers’ transformation, we report on a case study that explores how of a graduate student’s conceptualization of and engagement with the core methods of TT emerged and developed through her teaching in the context of a locally situated Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum program. The analysis offers three findings. First, the core methods of TT are evidenced in the teacher’s practice. Second, specific program specifications facilitated her engagement with TT. Third, she was motivated to make changes in her teaching toward TT. We argue that the interaction among context, students, teaching practice and systematic reflection opportunities may act as a catalyzer of change in teachers’ understanding and engagement with TT.



transformational teachers, graduate students, case study, cultures and languages across the curriculum, transformational learning, Curriculum and Instruction


Lê, N.-L., Martínez Hinestroza, J., Kraus, E. B., Hassan, A., & Plough, I. C. (2019). A catalyst of change: A graduate student’s perspectives on transformational teaching. FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education, 5(2), pp. 97–119.


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