A Geospatially Oriented Humanities Exhibit: Dick Reavis and the National Tour of Texas




Peters, Todd C.
Dede-Bamfo, Nathaniel
Long, Jason

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On January 1, 1987 Texas Monthly writer Dick Reavis set out on a year-long journey to drive every road on the official map of Texas, and report his experiences in a series of articles. The Dick Reavis Papers at The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University holds a large collection of postcards, color slides, a travel log book, and several hundred pages of typewritten notes from the journey. The Digital and Web Services Department and The Wittliff Collections are building an innovative web exhibit using Reavis’ own shaded highway map to navigate digitized items from the collection by using ArcGIS, Google Maps and web scripting. This presentation will discuss the overall development of the project, digitization of materials, the use of ArcGIS to create shapefiles, and the creation and integration of the website with Google Maps.



Google maps, geographic information systems, GIS, archives


Peters, T., Dede-Bamfo, N., & Long, J. (2016). A geospatially oriented humanities exhibit: Dick Reavis and the national tour of Texas. Presented at the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries, Austin, Texas.


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