Manufacturing Math Classes: an Instructional Program Guide for Manufacturing Workers




McBride, Pamela G.
Engel, Jonathan C.
Caverly, David C.

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Southwest Texas State University


In keeping with our process-oriented approach to workforce education, this guide was designed to document our Manufacturing Workers Job Family curriculum from the three classes for manufacturing workers. These classes can be a model for many others since the literacy tasks identified are common to many manufacturing environments. For example, workers in our classes were drawn from plants producing heat-conductive wire, oil-field machine parts, and business forms. We conceptualized the process of setting up a workforce instructional program as having several stages: the stages of partnership building and curriculum development before classes begin, the stage of actual instruction, and feedback and evaluation stages during and after instruction. This guide is structured according to these stages in the life of our grant-funded program. An annotated table of contents at the beginning of the guide lists a brief description of the questions to be answered in each section. At the beginning of each section, a more detailed table of contents outlines the steps involved in completing each phase of our grant.



adult basic education, classroom techniques, community involvement, curriculum development, instructional materials, job skills, job training, manufacturing industry, mathematics skills


McBride, P. G., Engel, J. C., & Caverly, D. C. (1992). Manufacturing math classes: An instructional program guide for manufacturing workers. San Marcos: Southwest Texas State University.


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