Teaching Reading and Study Strategies at the College Level




Flippo, Rona F.
Caverly, David C.

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International Reading Association


This book provides a review of the theoretical, empirical, and instructional issues in the field of college reading and study strategies through a careful and systematic examination of the relevant literature. The articles and their authors are, as follows: (1) "Vocabulary Acquisition and the College Student" (Michele L. Simpson and Edward J. Dwyer); (2) "Teacher-Directed Comprehension Strategies" (Sherrie L. Nist and Donna L. Mealey); (3) "Textbook Study Strategies" (David C. Caverly and Vincent P. Orlando); (4) "The Value of Taking Notes During Lectures" (Thomas H. Anderson and Bonnie B. Armbruster); (5) "External Factors That Influence Study" (Victoria J. Risko and others); (6) "Internal Factors That Influence Study" (Victoria J. Risko and others); (7) "Preparing for and Taking Tests" (David M. Wark and Rona F. Flippo).



basic skills, higher education, reading improvement, reading instruction, reading programs, reading strategies, study skills, undergraduate students, Curriculum and Instruction


Flippo, R. F., & Caverly, D. C. (1991). Teaching reading and study strategies at the college level. Newark: International Reading Association.


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