Advocating for social justice, equity, and inclusion in the workplace: An agenda for anti-racist learning organizations




Bohonos, Jeremy W.
Sisco, Stephanie

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Amidst ongoing racist violence in the United States, this article will recognize workplace-based efforts to act against racially motivated discrimination targeted at the Black community. More specifically, this article will examine anti-racist initiatives in the workplace by connecting these efforts to broader discussions of human rights, organizational social justice, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Culturally responsive leadership approaches, ally development efforts, employee resource groups, and mentorship/sponsorship programs are among the leading strategies currently used by employers to resist workplace racism; and thereby, each of these initiatives will be reviewed to illustrate how they drive organizational efforts, foster anti-racist workplace cultures, and work against antiblackness. To consider how this work can be improved, the article concludes with suggestions for how academic HRD programs can reform curriculum to prepare graduates to be drivers of organizational social justice.



anti-racist, racism, antiblackness, learning organizations, human resource development, social justice, leadership


Bohonos, J. W., & Sisco, S. (2021). Advocating for social justice, equity, and Inclusion in the workplace: An agenda for anti-racist learning organizations. New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education, 2021(170), pp. 89-98.


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