Bilingüismo en Inmigrantes Adultos: Conceptos Fundamentales y Experiencias Pedagógicas




Galindo, Angelmiro
Larrotta, Clarena

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Editorial Kinesis


This book presents an overview of theoretical issues, foundational concepts, and pedagogical experiences fostering the bilingual education of adult immigrants within the context of the United States, more specifically South Central Texas. The focal participants in the research presented here are adult English learners and their teachers. Many books have been written to address the bilingual development of immigrant children within school context; however, literature discussing the bilingual development of adult immigrants is scant. The present book provides an updated discussion of different theories related to bilingualism and how they apply to adults who are immigrants and who are at different stages of bilingual development. The overall purpose of the book is to establish a close connection between theory and practice useful to graduate students, educators, and practitioners in the fields of bilingual education with focus on adults, adult education, second/foreign language teaching, and adult literacy.



bilingual education, immigrants, pedagogy, adult learners, language learning, education, Counseling, Leadership, Adult Education, and School Psychology


Larrotta, C., & Galindo, A. (2018). Bilingüismo en Inmigrantes Adultos: Conceptos Fundamentales y Experiencias Pedagógicas/ Bilingualism in Adult Immigrants: Foundational Concepts and Pedagogical Experiences. Armenia, Colombia: Editorial Kinesis.


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