Tech talk: Cloud Computing and Developmental Education




Holschuh, Douglas
Caverly, David C.

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National Center for Developmental Education


Techtalk in Volume 33 has been addressing the digital divide in technology, first through the use of mobile phones and then through the development of digital literacies with digital storytelling. This third and final column in the series looks at bridging both the hardware/software divide and the digital literacies divide through the educational use of cloud computing. Cloud computing offers many possibilities to developmental educators for its use, whether for communicating with students through social networking services like Facebook, sending out updates via Twitter, providing online tutoring, or having students collaborate on their writing using a wiki. Many students are already well versed in this world of online applications, and they are already using them to create and store their data. The more educators can leverage this to their advantage, the better. In addition, it opens up a world of low-cost computing to a larger socioeconomic population of students. Cloud computing may really be computing for the masses, offering the very latest in technology while leveling the playing field more than ever before.



internet, information technology, access to computers, disadvantaged, costs, computer uses in education, developmental studies programs, computers


Holschuh, D.R., & Caverly, D.C. (2010). Tech talk: Cloud computing and developmental education. Journal of Developmental Education, 33(3), pp. 36–37.


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